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a. mottle

one two three four five six seven…the ground beneath feet does not give way-something they seem reluctant to comprehend. bones do not bend at will of pavement. body is breaking in so many ways I’ve stopped counting. Still. So many numbers. Names less faces in the crowd. Refusing to stay still for long enough to … Continue reading

you r

even when you don’t want to ____. even when you feel you have nothing to ____. when you feel your ___ isn’t good enough, or profound enough, prolific enough. your ___ doesn’t touch people, even those you love, even those who try to take an interest in your ___. even when your ___ feels stranded … Continue reading

conversations where the point is being strangled*

“It’s a part of a huge project I’m working on I do not speak about Truth, I do not speak about Art, They both exist and don’t exist. Like ash in wind black and white blend into a smooth grey. Here, even the slightest slit of light obstructs my belief in a world where I … Continue reading

from where you’re at

Watch what you say the types of words you allow tongue to give birth to can turn you inside out no one will have to tell you, “your internal organs are showing” you’re bound to bleed out everywhere you stop to rest trailed by all of that intimate evidence know there are no answers you are … Continue reading

dear amy,

I am desperately pessimistic right now familiarity with a place makes it seem small and everyone in it seem a bit silly as though they’re all trying to ______ <fill in the blank> hold on to their imagined identities, maybe, i don’t know, have others tell them they’re worth it that their names might go … Continue reading


you are made mostly of water and were meant to flow around other objects with ease rather than sit sulking, hardening yourself into the corner you’ve backed into, a jello mold of some jagged right angle, walking through life with elbows out, all corners in conversation.  life may freeze you, but you can learn to let the … Continue reading


When we must shuffle towards almost sunrise feigning the desire to do so softly when we must sit on the floor all day to count the sand of our fathers finding their failures more numerous (you will learn to peel back this scene at the corners and see what is called, by some, “smile”) when … Continue reading

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